digital ad spending will rise
to $327.28 billion in 2019

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Targeto helps businesses generate a 500% ROAS through Paid Digital Advertising. Apply for a Strategy Call today.

A Full Stack Ad Agency

Targeto provides extreme-level expertise, designing advertising solutions for businesses interested in building and scaling their profits online.
We create the back-end Funnel, we operate the front-end Media-Buying.

We elevate your Digital Marketing, pushing Paid Content across selected advertising networks, optimising and maximising the results over time with a data-driven approach.

Advertising Partner of

300 Companies 

in 4 Continents

digital today makes up
51% of US advertising spending

Consulting & Advertising Process

We operate with a 1-1 approach, assigning highly skilled Account Managers to assist our partners in their endeavour to Digital success.

  • 1. Learn

    We learn from our clients, we learn from the market data. Before even envisioning an advertising funnel, we collect all the relevant information that will enable us to provide the necessary level of disruption to succeed.

  • 2. Envision

    Envisioning is the process of creating a path to success with our clients. It starts with defining the metrics that will carry our client satisfaction, and it ends up with creating the advertising funnel that will maximise it.

  • 3. Scale

    We fully manage the advertising spending of our clients. We make sure that each dollar spent, will generate the greatest possible value for the business. We optimise over time the digital campaigns, aiming to a minimum 500% ROAS (return on ad spending).

  • 4. Disrupt

    Competition on Digital Advertising is brutal. The ability to innovate and disrupt the status quo defines the winners in this game. We always work for providing the most creative and converting advertising funnels, constantly updating every variable under our control.


Boost your E-Commerce sales. We'll design a top-performing advertising strategy to sell your products and send ready-to-convert traffic to your store.

Political Campaigns

Are you a Politician running for Elections? We are a certified Political Ads Agency, helping candidates push their messages across Social Media channels.

Professional Services

Are you a services company? Launch a powerful ad funnel to convert prospects into customers.

Develop an Upsell strategy to maximise your Revenues.


Launch or Scale your Info-Product Sales with Targeto. We are experts in the creation of high-value membership programs to sell and retain Info-Products clients.

Frequently Asked Question

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What does your agency provide?

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Do you guarantee positive results?

How long does it take to achieve results?

How will I be updated about the Ads Spending?

How much does your agency charge?

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